Rubber Duckies

I’ve been the sole writer and voice curator for several high profile companies, built libraries of marketing collateral that helped small start-ups become world-wide competitors and been a steward of the voice for a Fortune 500 company.

Along the way, I’ve earned a reputation for being an open-minded, all-in collaborative partner with fellow creatives as well as with stakeholders from across disciplines and lines of business.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Design and Visual Arts from the University of Houston. And my years in marketing, strategy and brand creative have taught me ideation, collaboration, brainstorming and brand development.

I have…

Defined and cultivated brand voices for those that didn’t have one
Been the steward of established voices for high-profile, high-impact brands
Helped drive the creative direction for multi-faceted, multi-channel, national campaigns
Built libraries of marketing collateral from scratch

I know…

That copy and design work best when they work together
That great ideas can come from anyone
How to play well with others
How to eat deadlines like they’re covered in chocolate

I can help paint the big picture, then help bring it to life. See my portfolio, or read testimonials.