Direct Mail National Campaign

Capital One Investing wanted to spread the word about its financial advisors. Not to anyone, but to potential clients with a high amount of assets to invest. A high-end, multi-faceted, multi-channel, national campaign was in order. The messaging I developed in this campaign set the foundation and tone for the company’s advised investing campaigns for the next year.

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2016 Sizzle Reel

2016 Sizzle Reel CoverAs a senior member of an in-house, agency-style creative team, I contributed to a body of work continues to awe and influence other lines of business within Capital One.

This reel showcases the best of team’s work for Q1 of 2016. Every member had a role in the ideation, concept and development of this work.

Click to view the video (hosted on Behance)

Digital Copywriting

Once Capital One was ready to roll out its Advised Investing offering, it was time to create an online experience that told the story. Why invest with its advisors, what sets them apart, how it works. It was an end-to-end narrative that brought life, warmth and empathy to working with a financial advisor. 


Six pages, two experiences, 90% net-new copy; not bad for 6-week start-to-finish turnaround time.

View Page 1: Why Advice          View Page 2: Our Approach

View Page 3: Our Advisors        View Page 4: Prepare to Plan

Social Media

After several months of keeping the social media lights on, it was time to breathe new life into Capital One Investing’s social media pages. This tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day campaign was the first foray of a new content strategy, designed to put the brand’s personality back into the social media spotlight with a clever take on having the ‘Money Talk’ with your sweetheart.

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2015 Sizzle Reel

capital-one-investing-2015-sizzle-reelIn 2015, Capital One’s in-house, agency-style creative team (of which I was a senior member) developed an unprecedented body of work that caught the eye of stakeholder’s at every level across Capital One. Every member had a role in the ideation, concept and development of this work.

Click to view the video (hosted on Behance)

Print Collateral

Capital One’s financial advisors were hosting events for prospective clients, but lacked branded marketing materials necessary for a professional presentation. My art director and I designed a portable, end-to-end event kit, including signage, contextual elements and marketing collateral such as this brochure.


Download PDF of interior

Download PDF of exterior

Digital Copywriting


InfoSpace had rebuilt its legacy WebPosition SEO tracking software and was launching it as an online tool. It needed a library of  materials, including web content, datasheets, emails and landing pages (SEO- and SEM-optimized, of course).

And I wrote it all. Working directly with project managers, subject matter experts, designers and developers, I was the single writer whose task was to speak to businesses of all sizes; single-owner shops, small-and-medium sized businesses and corporate enterprises.

This also turned out to be my crash course in SEO and SEO copywriting.

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Case Study

Walter Cronkite LogoThis case study documents how the Cronkite School deployed Parallels Desktop for Mac to give its students greater access to multimedia applications and programs, one of the most significant deployments of Parallels Desktop to that date.

My role included extensive research, interviewing, copywriting and concepting the new, branded design and layout for case studies moving forward.

Download the PDF

SEO Copywriting

Feed Washington LogoFeed Washington is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping feed hungry children in Washington State. I volunteered my writing services to ghost-write for their blog and increase their online traffic.

Why Dumpster Diving Won’t Work and
What We Can Do About It

Feed Washington Distributes $3,000 to the
Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery!

Professional-ish Blogging

Rubber Duckies

Launched in June 2012, Rubber Ducky Copywriter is my blog, where I share my adventures in copywriting, creative writing and fighting the good fight to keep my home office clean. (Spoiler: I often lose.)

It began as a sandbox to keep my writing skills sharp and sort out my writerly thoughts. Then people started reading it. And following it.

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