Erica is an excellent copywriter and so much more. We have worked on many projects together over the course of my 3.5 years with Capital One Investing and I have often felt that Erica represents the right side of my brain and together we make a strategic/creative powerhouse. She is a thoughtful and collaborative partner on any project, big or small. She always examines every problem thoroughly and presents options and recommendations to consider. I cannot count the number of times she has gone above and beyond the call of her job to help me out. Most notably, we worked very closely together to create the val prop and messaging for the full-service/advised part of our business. Since many others needed to mirror our approach for consistency sake, I proposed a full-service brand guideline addendum. Erica spent countless hours creating an extremely detailed, informative and easy-to-follow guide that was presented all the way up through senior leadership and used across our business. She may be an excellent writer, without question, but she is so much more. I hope to call her a teammate and a friend for years to come.

Jessica Larson, Senior Brand Manager, Capital One (2012-2017)

Since I’ve worked with Erica, she’s been a great writer and creative collaborator, but for the last year or so, she’s just been killing it. And it’s been awesome to witness.

From her writing to presentation skills, from initiative to ownership, Erica is a beacon of excellence to her colleagues and partners. The work she delivers is top-notch, but it’s the way she delivers it that really shines. She respectfully challenges assumptions in creative briefs, suggests sound strategic adjustments, and presents work with pride and conviction. All in the name of a better user experience.

An example: Erica volunteered to create a Brand Book for all of Capital One Investing’s advised marketing and creative. It was a massive undertaking, and its final heft alone proves how valuable it is to have the voice, mechanics and creative approach for that half of the business documented. But she went beyond defining and documenting; she owned the outcome. She presented the work to stakeholders of all stripes, and impressed each one (I’d be willing to bet). In short, she singlehandedly influenced the company’s marketing approach.

Erica’s become a true leader, too, mentoring new copywriters and helping keep our entire creative team organized, informed and inspired.
And did I mention she’s a witty, authentic, caring person as well?

Clint Brownlee, Senior Copywriter, Capital One (2012-2016)

Erica is one of the strongest, most dedicated writers I’ve ever worked with. She takes every project seriously yet is a pleasure to work alongside. Her everyday commitment to brand voice is very inspiring. I’d trust her with anything.

Demi Wetzel, Brand Copywriter, Capital One (2016)

A stellar team member, Erica brings both extensive writing skills and a passion for the cause. She’s a versatile writer who excels in all aspects of copywriting and the creative process: blue-sky brainstorming and concepting, drafting work with personality, understanding and balancing stakeholder goals, all while protecting brand standards. And when a fire lands on her desk, she masterfully handles it with quick-turn, quality work.

Writers can be sensitive about their work, but Erica not only takes feedback well, she seeks it out. That said, she also provides solid rationale for her work–from a concept to a word choice–that she shows her colleagues and clients.

Her editing and proofreading skills are top-notch. She can be precise as well as inventive. Many’s the time she provided me just the right word for a draft I’d shared, or suggested a direction I hadn’t considered.

Easy to work with, Erica invariably brings a positive attitude and an open mind. She keeps a sharp eye out for improvements to process or standards. And when everyone is freaking out, Erica keeps a cool head and makes a plan. You would be
lucky to have Erica as a colleague.

Allison Callan, Senior Copywriter, Capital One (2012-2016)

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Erica at Capital One ShareBuilder,where tight deadlines were commonplace. Erica absolutely shines as an experienced, creative and reliable copywriter. She ‘gets it’ because she listens extremely well, pays close attention to briefs and does her research. She deeply understands her clients’ needs and their target audiences, quickly and efficiently creating elegant, succinct copy that exceeds all expectations. Very easy to work with and always open to feedback, Erica is a must-have for any team looking for bright, bullseye copy in record time. Full stop.

Cassandra Sok, UX/Web Developer, Capital One (2012-2014)

I have worked with Erica on numerous projects that range from customer facing marketing materials to internal communications. And she has always delivered high quality work. One of Erica’s strengths is that she is able to turn projects and requests around very quickly. She knows to ask the right questions up front, adapts her strategy based on the needs of her clients, and responds well to feedback. Plus, she is absolutely a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend Erica to take on any creative copy work in the future.

Evelyn Kim, Brand Strategist, Capital One (2012-2014)

Erica is very thorough and always prepared for the job. Going out of her way to do research, she immerses herself in the product, understanding how the user will think and act to get the correct tonal value. This is what I call going above and beyond what a copywriter does.

Linda Hyunh, Web Developer, InfoSpace (2010-2011)

Erica is a diligent, dependable, and resourceful marketing professional. She has created highly effective sales and marketing tools for one of the most well-known Mac software products in the industry.  Erica is always willing to help and a great team-builder.

Ray Chew, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Parallels (2007-2009)

Erica was an invaluable asset to me – she was the one I relied upon for all product and promotion copy, for witty titles, for all my editing (I called it ‘Erica’s Magic’) and collateral creation. Erica is always ready to help, meets her deadlines and is a terrific word-smith!

Sherilyn Swan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Parallels (2007-2009)

Erica is the most experienced, top-professional I have ever had the chance to work with. She is indeed a stellar performer and focused on having the task done no matter what. It was impressive how good she is with the special texts creation – and not only texts! Erica has always tried to do a bit more than it was requested: mock-ups, visuals and other materials to help the team to understand her idea and how to implement it the best way.

With all her energy, creativity and ability to execute Erica did a great positive impact in Parallels’ presence in web, communications with the customers and the entire Online Marketing business. Besides Erica has the ability and the interest to handle complex projects, she has a very positive personality and is an amazing person to work with: always responsive, easy-going, with a will to help. It was a real pleasure to work with Erica, and I can sure recommend her for any product marketing position in any company.

— Alexandra Butova, Parallels, Inc., (2007-2009)

I had the privilege of seeing Erica’s work first hand when working on a project together forthe State of Maine Department of Education. Erica’s creative marketing skills were a big contribution to that project along with many others. Erica is the ultimate team player and was a joy to work with. If given the opportunity, I would be delighted to work with Erica again.

— Alex Othon, Parallels, Inc., (2007-2009)

I have had the privileged of being the recipient of some of Erica’s work. Her attention to details in her work has allowed for great communication with clients. Her dedication to her work makes her a delight to team up with on projects.

Syesha Thomas, Parallels, Inc., (2007-2009)

Erica’s work for me was always top notch. She carried herself in a professional manner and always exceeded my expectations.

Domingo Salcido, Director of Quality Assurance, Input/Output (2005-2006)

Erica is a talented, personable team-player whose abilities far exceed her credentials. While at TrueSpring, Erica successfully helped establish Internet research standards that enabled the company to make critical decisions about short and long-term goals. Erica is a gifted writer as well as a developer. In fact, her ability to focus on logistics and process flow, as well as to aesthetics and intuitive program design, made her extremely valuable.

Further, Erica also successfully managed a team of content writers, serving in the capacity of personnel manager and publication editor. It is with sincerity and honesty that I am able to fully recommend Erica to all who may consider her for employment in any capacity.

Patrick Lewis, TrueSpring L.L.P. (2004-2005)